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Editor’s Note: This post contains user-submitted pronunciations. Notice something mispronounced or want to submit one of your own? Reach out to us on Facebook.


I still remember the first time I saw foie gras on a menu. I wanted to order it, but as silly as it sounds I didn’t want to mispronounce it in front of everyone at the table. So I convinced myself the T-bone steak is what I wanted.

My own enunciation difficulties aside, it’s only natural to have a hard time pronouncing a word that we’re not accustomed to saying.

And it probably doesn’t help that some people say po-tay-to while others say po-tah-do. If different regions can’t even pronounce potato the same way, what about wines that come from all over the world?

We get it.

So we wanted to start building out some wine pronunciations so you can get the wine you really want to get. We’ll keep building out this list, so check back for updates or reach out to us if you have a specific wine you’d like to see added.

Wine Pronunciation Table of Contents

No. 1 . . . Cabernet Sauvignon

No. 2 . . . Chardonnay

No. 3 . . . Grenache

No. 4 . . . Moscato

No. 5 . . . Pinot Grigio

No. 6 . . . Pinot Gris

No. 7 . . . Pinot Noir

No. 8 . . . Riesling

No. 9 . . . Sauvignon Blanc

No. 10 . . . Shiraz

No. 11 . . . Syrah

No. 12 . . . Zinfandel

Wine Pronunciation Audio Files

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