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Syrah Quick Facts

Other Names . . . Shiraz (most common). Less common names: Sirac, Hermitage, Antourenein Noir, Candive, Entournerein, Hignin Noir, Marsanne Noir

Grape . . . Syrah

Where It’s Grown . . . France, Australia, Spain, Argentina, South Africa, United States, Italy and Chile

Color . . . Dark purple to a very deep red

Serving Temperature . . . Serve between 55° – 60° F

Storage Temperature . . . Store between 50° – 55° F

Wine Glass . . . A standard red wine glass with a medium bowl and medium-sized mouth. Here’s an example.

Best Used By . . . Drink within five to ten years of the vintage date on the bottle.

Tastes to Expect . . . Dark, rich fruit flavors like blackberry and blueberries. Notes of olives, black peppers, cloves and smoke are also common.

Pairing . . . Bold and flavorful foods such as beef and lamb.

How to Pronounce Syrah

Syrah Fun Facts

A lot of people confuse Syrah and Petite Sirah when they’re actually two completely different grapes.

Legend claims the name Syrah comes from a very old city in Iran, Shiraz, which produced wine. If true, it’d mean Shiraz is the original name. However there’s no evidence to support this legend. Source

Shiraz is the most-planted grape in Australia, but due to poor demand a few decades ago wine, some Australians ended up using the wine to make muffins. You can still find Shiraz muffins today. Source

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